“Andrew Pepper, a one off, daring to go further than you ever imagined a performer would”
– Musical Theatre Review

“He of the magnificent voice”
– The Stage

“A winner whatever he’s doing” 
– Evening Standard

“A dazzling and meticulously executed display of shape-shifting showmanship” 
– Cabaret Scenes

“House of Pepper is everything cabaret should be” 
– Theatre & Tonic

“Blessed with dry humour and a terrific pair of lungs, he delivers jokes and songs like a grand vaudevillian, and is just immensely fabulous”
– Stratford Herald

A high octane performer like no other I’ve seen… an outrageous physical abandonment combine to be exhausting yet thrillingly entertaining”

– Musical Theatre Review

“A non-stop display of effortless tomfoolery, high-octane song and dance in which Pepper leaves no stone unturned in his quest to tease, dazzle, and ignite the room with his own seemingly limitless supply of energy”
– Cabaret Scenes

“He is high energy throughout this 110-minute show but also manages to shift the tone from sincere to hilarious, quiet to belting out Adele at the flick of his fingers. His raw authenticity and intensity are fabulous and lure the audience in so that they are spellbound throughout”
– Theatre & Tonic

“Watching Andrew Pepper perform is really quite extraordinary in the way in which he not only performs with great energy and passion consistently (his stamina is quite something to behold) but he can switch the tone of the show effortlessly”
– Love London Love Culture

“A genuine original influenced by the
decadence of Isherwood’s Berlin”

– Boyz Magazine

“Pepper’s trademark style: a barnstorming,
no-holds barred, grab the audience by the goolies and give them everything you’ve got aesthetic”

– Cabaret Scenes

“Pepper can switch in an instant from soft lyrical sound to full-on operatic… the stunningly powerful, quick-witted, fiendishly fast Brel song ‘Carousel’ is where Pepper truly shines. It’s amazing stuff. And as we whirl round on Andrew’s carousel – I for one didn’t want to get off
– GScene

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